Goodie Two Shoes has her knickers in a twist at the minute. Having been given a metaphorical kicking by Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, she has thrown her toys out of the pram. The only thing that the Brussels Muscles Mark2 said, in effect, was that Britain can’t expect to escape the EU unscathed, and that if we want the benefits of being in a club, we have to be members and pay the subs. Fair enough, I’d say. It works here in Dunmow too, but the benefits of being in the club are more obscure to the point of invisibility*. In any case, it’s not like the possible Russian mucking about with the US election, is it?

Alas, GTS is annoyed by this, because she claims this is an example of foreign interference in our upcoming General Election. Johnny Foreigner sticking his nose in where it’s not wanted.  However, in the case of Pot vs Kettle, I’d like to act as the prosecution counsel. The prosecution calls Lynton Crosby.

He was Pigshagger’s campaign strategist, and before that he was BoJo’s strategist when he won the mayoral elections in London. When GTS called the upcoming election, she went straight round to knock on Lynton’s front door. He’s the idiot who has her banging on meaninglessly about ‘strong and stable.’ I fear if I hear those three vapid words many more times I may be moved to physical violence.

Mr Crosby is an Ocker.

The prosecution now calls Rupert Murdoch. He owns the consistently Toff-leaning Times, and the ‘any party as long as it sells papers, but this time round we nail Corbyn’ Sun. We have  some geezer who controls a vast swathe of the British press. He’s called Rupert Murdoch.

He was an Ocker. Now he’s a naturalised Yank.

On a not very similar topic, the odious Daily Mail is as usual firmly on the side of the Toffs, and really has the knives out for Jeremy Corbyn. Reading the Mail going on about the sky falling if Labour were elected is like reading the Sun with more literate columnists.

Now it might come as a surprise to you that the owner of the rag is a PLC called DMG. The Chairman of DMG is no less a personage than Jonathan Harmsworth. He just happens to be Viscount Rothermere, which is about as Toff as you can get, and no doubt Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, to give him his full handle, has done quite well under Pigshagger and GTS.