Here’s the scenario. Sitting on a roof in Goa, late afternoon. Watching a dump truck that had been delivering stuff to a site nearby. Driver decided that instead of bothering doing a multipoint turn on the hardstand, he’ll drive off across the beach. As you have no doubt guessed, the truck didn’t get far before it was axle-deep in the sand, and stuck.

Naturally, the driver went for help, and his mate turned up in another truck. This was parked on the hardstand, and a towrope run to the stranded truck. The second truck revved mightily, and while the first truck spun its wheels in reverse (digging itself even further into the klart) attempted to do a towjob.

The rope went taut, but such was the resistance the second truck stood on its rear wheels. Nothing much happened for a second, then, well who’d have thought it, the rope snapped and the resulting whiplash nearly decapitated one of the sightseers who had gathered to watch the action. Goans love a bit of street theatre, so there was a decent-sized crowd, and all of it fled to avoid grievous bodily harm, before returning for some more entertainment.

Much head scratching ensued. I was too far away to hear what was being said, but I could guess, and could only watch in baffled amazement as my guess came right. They decided to use the rope (what there was of it left) doubled up.

Now of course, this meant that the two pieces were half the length of the original, so the potential tow truck needed to be nearer to the towee. This in turn meant? Go on, have a guess. Yup, backing the tower onto the sand.

Naturally, the second truck became marooned, despite all the revving and wheel spinning, and was just as firmly stuck as the one it was attempting to recover. This wasn’t International Rescue at its best.


Enter a bulldozer with a big chain. This stayed on the hard stand, and with much noise, despite some track slippage managed to haul the two trucks out. I meanwhile was on my third beer.

Just in case you think nothing that dumb could possibly have happened, let me disabuse you of that notion. It was this meme that reminded me of the whole sorry affair.