I’d forgotten this gem lurking in my archives.


This really amused me today. It did make me chuckle. I’m indebted to a tiny throwaway article in the i newspaper for this little gem.

Here’s the setup. The FBI wants to recruit whitehat hackers and computer geeks to advise it on cybercrime and cyberprotection. A laudable aim, I think you would agree. A Federal agency striving to protect itself and the US citizenry against attack. Admirable on all levels.

Here’s the problem. The FBI has a zero tolerance attitude to the use of marijuana. They absolutely will not employ anybody who has smoked a bit of weed in the past three years. Dope=nope.

Which is a bit problematic, since they have discovered that the vast majority of hackers and geeks, the people they need by definition to hook up with, are stoners. Hackers and geeks do tend to like the odd toke now and then. I have no problem with the idea of the occasional spliff, but it’s currently an insuperable obstacle for the FBI.

Gotta love the US.