By the time you read this, I’ll have voted in the general election. I’ve voted in every general election since I turned 18*. I have never wavered in my allegiance to Labour, and have always tried to ensure that the Toffs don’t make a killing. This time it’s odd. I decided to vote tactically, and go for the candidate most likely to defeat the Toff in my constituency.

The previous incumbent, who was completely useless, has stood down. In the past he was a shoo in, but a new candidate might just have unsettled the status quo a bit. However, this is a blue district, and even with the disturbance of a new (if pretty much identikit) Toff, Labour don’t really stand a cat’s chance in hell. Even UKIP had a bigger portion of the vote last time around.

That sadly left me with only one choice, confirmed by the tactical voting websites that have sprung up like mushrooms after a summer shower. The sole candidate with a reasonable (ie discernible) chance of creating a shock result (and it will be a shock) is the Liberal Democrat, one Mike Hibbs.

I loath the Lib Dems. They turned their coats when they formed a coalition with the Toffs, went back on just about every election promise they made (notably but not exclusively on tuition fees), in a mad scramble for power. They deservedly got a good kicking at the last election, and I think they’ll get another one this time round. Also I think Tim Farron is a dud, but I’m not voting for him, am I? I’m voting for my local representative. That’s why I’m so irked by Goodie Two Shoes referring in the election blurb to Kemi Badenoch as ‘her’ candidate.

Hence my casting my vote for Mr Hibbs.

*And every local election. And every referendum. If you don’t vote, you can’t moan.