You can’t possibly have expected me not to comment on the results of the general election, surely?

First up, my cunning tactical voting failed to pay off. The Toffs got in again with a whopping great majority, even having fielded the new kid on the block, Kemi Badenoch. My guy (the one I voted for, not the one whose ideology is closest to mine) barely scraped into third place. I should have voted with my heart not my brain, cos then at least I’d have been able to console myself that my real choice came in second. By a long way, yes, I admit that.

But the great news is that Goodie Two Shoes’s big cynical gamble didn’t pay off. It really came back and bit her in the arse. Given that she is only leader because Pigshagger also took a big cynical gamble on the referendum, also got bitten in the arse, and now is sitting in his 25 grand shed writing his not-very-much anticipated memoirs*.

Her only hope of retaining power (which is what she wants, rather than to govern) is to get the DUP on board. They have some very different ideas about leaving the EU and the terms under which we should do it. Her hands will be pretty much tied.

This is bad news for her. The Toffs are anything but ‘strong and stable’ at the best of times. They have got the art of political infighting down to a tee, and they’ll turn on her like a pack of rabid dogs. GTS’s days are surely numbered**.

cab meme

*He also took Gorgeous George down too, so a win/win there.

**I don’t suppose Jimmy Krankie is feeling too secure either.