Sorry, back to politics for another bit of a rant.

Goodie Two Shoes is absolutely desperate to cling onto power. She doesn’t want to govern; she wants to stay in power, even if she has to hang on by her fingertips. In this case the ten fingertips are actually the members of the DUP she’s hoping to get onside. This is by no means a done deal yet. But let’s have a quick look at the wackjobs that have been elected in Northern Ireland.

In an inspired tweet, somebody described the DUP’s manifesto as ‘basically just the Bible with fortnightly bin collections.’ That speaks volumes.

The leader of the DUP, some besom called Arlene Foster, has vowed to retain NI’s current ban on abortion. Generously she has said there might be a case for an exemption if the woman’s life is in danger, or if the pregnancy is the result of rape. As of right now, even those cases cannot legally be aborted in NI.

The chair of the DUP’s Education Committee, Mervyn Storey, has another axe to grind. He’s a member of the Caleb Foundation. This is a creationist setup, and Mr Storey believes the Earth to be no older than 10,000 years. Dinosaurs never existed. Just the bloke you need in control of children’s education, eh? He’s the guy who lobbied the National Trust to include creationist theories at the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre.

These wackos once appointed a climate change denier, Sammy Wilson, as the environment minister.

If any of this sounds familiar, just look across The Pond.

They’re not bigly into gay rights either. Tom Buchanan once told schoolchildren that homosexuality is ‘an abomination.’ They’re vigorously opposed to same-sex marriage too.

Then there’s the tricky problem of possible links to domestic terrorism. Goodie Two Shoes’s allied redtops tried to pillory Corbyn for his links to the IRA (35 years ago), but there’s a lot of rumour about the DUP having connections to the Ulster Defence Association, and the Ulster Volunteer Force, the Unionist paramilitary groups. Just to stoke the sectarian fires, Arlene Foster is proposing changes to the legislation on marches. There’s quite a bit of trouble even now with the Orange marches, and things can only get worse.

All in all you may want to sign the petition to try to stop this alliance made in hell. It had over 300,000 signatures in under two days.