Once again I am in debt to the USA for some stories from the past few days.

On this side of the Pond, you may be unaware of a wackjob called Ken Ham. He’s originally an Ocker, but now lives in Williamstown in deepest bible belt territory. Despite the fact that Kentucky is one of the poorest states in the US, he managed to get the state to shell out $4M to help him build a tourist attraction to stimulate inward investment. Admirable, yes?

No. Mr Ham is a creationist wacko, and invested the money in The Ark Encounter. This is a ‘faithful replica’ of Noah’s Ark, built to the specifications laid out in the Bible. I tracked the construction with interest, and to my certain knowledge Noah and his lads didn’t have access to the heavy equipment and tower cranes available to Mr Ham. Nor the metal post sockets that were used. Nor the power tools.


The point of this story is that the place has tanked, bigly. And guess what? Mr Ham knows why. It’s those pesky atheists, and secularists in general. ‘Sadly, they are influencing business investors and others in a negative way that may prevent Grant County, Kentucky from achieving the economic recovery that its official and residents have been seeking.’

Atheists. You can’t trust the buggers, can you?* They interfere like Scoobydoo and his gang.

A nice little snippet about the Alaska Moose, Sarah Palin. She, like Kenny, is a fervent godbotherer**, and such a wacko she makes TFF look almost sane. Here’s the thing. I only just found this out (so shame on my US correspondents) but this event happened in 2011. Back then she applied to trademark her name. Unfortunately the application failed, because she’s so dumb she forgot to sign the form.

I’ve no idea what she intended to do with the trademark unless it was to launch her own brand of designer firearms and ammo; she’s a gun-nut too, of course. Speaking of gun-nuts, Steve Scalise got shot and seriously wounded last week. I’d never heard of him, but he’s a GOPtard Congressman who has been ardent in his support for loosening of gun controls, and advocacy of closed carry permits. I wish him no ill, but that karma stuff really will turn round and bite you in the arse.

Still on the political front, TFF has blocked Steven King and JK Rowling, presumably because they were weally weally howwible to the poor wee dote.

*Let’s ignore the unfortunate aspect that since Kennyboy believes God created everything, he must have created atheists. He really does move in mysterious ways.

**She’s also fervently against premarital sex, so that her daughter, Bristol, has two children out of wedlock must be a bit of a blow. Oh yes, the elder one is called Tripp.