You may recollect that about a month ago I wrote about the Sustainable Solutions guys (and others) turning up to fix a water leak in the Town Square. Then about the fiasco of them re-laying the blockwork. I wish I could say it has all been resolved, but of course it hasn’t.

Wednesday. I was in my local watering hole. In comes man in hi-vis jacket. He asks the barmaid about where the leak is.* She knows nothing at all about it, but they go outside, and eventually locate the area that had been dug up a mere few weeks ago.

A crew turned up, lifted the blockwork, and buggered off after putting some barriers up.

Thursday, guy in a Veolia van turns up, parks, and does bugger all for the whole day. At about 5:30, a digger turns up, with some other men with shovels, and get to work. The this means, of course, they now on overtime, or double bubble as it’s known.

Friday morning. There’s an emergency water feed in place, but it’s clear that the numbnuts with the digger has the coordination of a six-month-old on acid and has caused substantial damage to a sewer pipe. They got round to a temporary fix on that by the afternoon. The water main is still temporary.

Also on Friday, the landlord of the pub collared one of the workers. His water meter was showing he was using water even though nothing in the pub was turned on. The only place it could be going would be into the cellar, which lies below the level of the hole outside. Cellar is bone dry. Worker scratches head.

Saturday. The hole is still there, but it’s filling with water from a slow leak somewhere.

Monday. Some bloke turned up, scrubbed the pavers clean, and naffed off.

Tuesday. Hole still there…

*You’d think, wouldn’t you, that he’d have been given specific instructions on where he was supposed to go? Interestingly, a couple of days ago a postman, of all people, asked me for directions.