I have an acquaintance from one of my watering holes. I may have told you about him. He’s the guy who kept getting a tug from the Old Bill and breathalysed. He never showed positive (he ain’t stupid), and after unjustified five tugs he wrote to the Chief Constable and told him in no uncertain terms that if it happened again he’d cry ‘Harassment’ and sue for compensation*. Bully for him.

Well, it will no longer be a problem for him. His GP shopped him to the DVLA, and he’s had his licence revoked on medical grounds. I’m not sure of the reasons, though I’m sure they’re valid, but he can’t be behind the wheel any more.

This causes him some considerable hardship. He lives with his wife, who has pretty marked dementia. He’s in his late 80s, and his mind is still as sharp as a tack. He’s a very funny guy to talk to, and it’s not for no reason he’s called ‘Al Pacino.’ He doesn’t miss a damned thing.

He and his wife live in sheltered accommodation, and he hates it. Loathes it. He also hates the warden, and the other residents really piss him off, though he isn’t a cantankerous old git by any means. Hence his daily forays into the real world. Although mentally nimble as a mountain goat, he’s a bit infirm. Some days he can tackle the walk from where he lives, some days he can’t. Either way, he can’t tackle the walk home, and now is reliant on taxis.

I recognise that his quack and the DVLA acted in good faith. Nobody wants drivers on the road when they’re not up to the job. But it makes me sad to see this proud and independently minded man reduced to this.

*You can actually do this in the UK if you keep getting pulled for no reason. I think it’s admirable.