This is a quickie, because it’s Sunday and nobodyreadsme on the Sabbath.

You may recollect that back at the end of May I did a post about how some wacko I know still believes that Hillary Clinton ran a paedophile sex ring from the basement of a pizza parlour in Washington, notwithstanding that said parlour doesn’t even have a basement.

There was my mate Mike who’s convinced that the Met Office withholds weather predictions in the run up to Bank Holidays. I found that hard to get to grips with, but it’s one of his many beliefs.

He’s also a firm believer that the Moon landings never happened*. He’s entrenched in his fallacious belief, and I ran across another denier** on Facebook the other day. He happens to be a flatearther too, but that’s by the by. I responded vigorously, as you might imagine.

‘FFS they happened! Do you have any idea at all about how much money and effort it would take to do a cover up on that scale? How many people in NASA and elsewhere would need to be involved? Do you think the Russians are complicit too? They’d have to be. Get a grip.’

Curiously he Liked my response.

By the way, last year some boffin worked out that had there been a hoax, it would have been exposed in a little under four years.

Also by the way, there’s a persistent rumour that Stanley Kubrick made a deathbed confession to filming the hoax. As somebody pointed out, he was such a perfectionist he’d have demanded to shoot it on the Moon

*Do not start a Comment thread agreeing with him, or we’ll fall out.

**Between 6% and 20% of people actually believe this load of bollocks.