When I was quite young I made what we’d now refer to as a bucket list. It was all the places I wanted to go. I nearly got the full set.

Bangkok Just sounds exotic, doesn’t it? And it is.

Beijing As a child I knew this as Peking, which shows how old I am. It’s been a good long time since I was there. I suspect I wouldn’t like it now. Though I’d like to see the Temple of Heaven again.

Borneo in general I once won a blowpipe competition in a bar in Borneo, beating the local lads hands down. Also saw a one-armed orang-utan in the rainforest.

Cairo* Has to be there, doesn’t it? The fact you also get the Pyramids and the Sphinx on your doorstep is a big bonus too.

Columbo Back when I grabbed this one for the hat, Sri Lanka was still Ceylon and I was very fond of tea. I still am.

Famagusta This often featured on Two Way Family Favourites on the Home Service on a Sunday, courtesy of Jean Metcalfe. Nice little town, lots of cannonballs around from a siege in the dim and distant past.

Havana Rather faded splendour, and enough 1950s cars to please even me. On another part of the island we got taken home in a ‘55 De Soto after a night out.

Istanbul Another one I couldn’t leave off. I spent a week there working, so I was on expenses, and didn’t have to pay for the flight. Marvellous place. Take it easy on the Efes beer till your system is used to it. Very high in gypsum, can give you the scours a bit.

Kuala Lumpur* Just sounds exotic doesn’t it? Sometimes featured on Three Way Family Favourites.

Nairobi Just because it sounded foreign. Watch your step at night, though.

Salt Lake City Bit of an odd one because of the reason. Back in the late 1800s a distant relative was travelling to SLC in a wagon train. This was attacked, and however many greats Uncle Bob was scalped.

Shanghai All sorts of connotations here, including the verb, ‘to shanghai.’I didn’t like it much, but we did get invited to a wedding.

Zanzibar Because it sounded mysterious and beautiful. It’s both.

The one that got away. I never made it to La Paz in Bolivia. I was simply fascinated that it’s the highest capital in the world. My knees won’t be up to it now, not to mention my wallet.

*Cairo is so polluted it makes even Kuala Lumpur look like the Eden Project. Both cities are still worth a look.