Sunday again so I’ll keep it short and you can get back to your roasties.

Back in September 2015 I regaled you with the tale about PETA and the macaque monkey, Naruto*. If you don’t know what PETA is, it’s a group of People for The Ethical Treatment of animals. Their aims are laudable, but their actions frequently despicable. They rightly want to reduce animal suffering and slaughter, but see nothing wrong in achieving their goals by threatening or attacking people, and committing arson.

Back to the narrative. PETA wanted the copyright on some selfies taken by Naruto assigned to Naruto himself. No, I’m not making that up. They claimed that the monkey came upon the camera and took the selfies through ‘purposeful and voluntary actions’ unaided by the camera’s owner, David Slater. Unsurprisingly, they lost the case. I suppose the judge didn’t feel there was any financial or emotional hardship for the little fella.

These wackos won’t leave it alone, though. They’re appealing the case in the federal court in San Francisco. That’s taking up the time and resources of no fewer than three appeal judges. That’s an efficient use of money, isn’t it? Bear in mind this is after the original judge ruled last year that ‘there was no indication that Congress intended to extend copyright protection to animals.’

*Not to be confused with the manga character.