I’m not talking about TFF. I’m not going to tackle the ongoing saga of Charlie Gard, though as you may expect I have some very strong views on this, but the matter is still sub judice. The Marmite debate has been settled, at least in the UK. But there is another debate about food raging right now*, and it’s all my fault. Go me!

I was asked by a friend (yes, really) if I could use my Facebook account to do a straw poll for him. The subject was to be, ‘Turkish delight. Food of the gods? Or the work of Satan?’ That wasn’t exactly how he expressed it, but I put my own spin on it.

I loath the stuff, so I was looking forward to the resulting firestorm. Unusually for a social media discussion, it didn’t descend into a mudslinging contest cum shitfest. The responses were measured, but it’s clear that this foodstuff rouses some strong emotions.

As with Marmite, opinions are polarised. Nobody reckons it’s all right. Everybody is strongly pro, or strongly agin the stuff. There were some erudite expositions on the best type, and a lot of rambling about the possible extra ingredients. Almost inevitably somebody said I couldn’t comment until I’d eaten the stuff actually in Turkey.

This latter was a bit of a red herring, since my wife had a diabolically sweet tooth (much needed to tackle sugar held together with gelatine) and subjected me a lot of the stuff when we were in Turkey and Northern Cyprus so she wouldn’t feel guilty about pigging the whole lot.

It seems that the Dislike:Like ratio is about 3:2. I’m not sure if that surprised me or not, since I had no preconceptions and hence no observer or reporting bias, and I certainly didn’t fiddle the research group demographics. Hang on, that may not be completely true. The research group comprised people who tolerate me being an arse.

One other finding. This was originally to determine attitudes to ‘real’ Turkish delight, not that foil wrapped, chocolate coated bar of gloop made by Fry’s that you find in the sweetie aisle in the supermarket. Only two respondents mentioned this. One was a vigorous fan. One thought it an abomination.

*I expect another when my FB attack on smoked salmon gets picked up.