Three stories with a common theme.

Firstly, the great British public is about to get stiffed in no uncertain fashion. The development agreement for the building of the HS2 rail link came out this week. The Government Infrastructure and Projects Agency admits this project is one ‘with major risks,’ but Chris Greysuit and the DfT are insisting that making it easier for businesspeople on expenses to lop 20 minutes off the journey from London the Manchester is a bonzer idea.

It’s such a good idea that the development agreement has no costings in it, nor timescales. Seventeen pages of pretty important detail have been redacted, with Mr Greysuit insisting he has ‘absolute discretion’ on what is released. Apparently the info is ‘commercially sensitive.’

Since all government projects overrun and go over budget, things look grim.

Thinking of buying an electric car so you can sneer at the proles in IC engined vehicles, and laugh at how little money it costs to charge up? Check with your insurer. Actuaries are a cautious lot, and with no real figures to work with on accident rates* they’ve done what they all do and erred on the side of ripoff caution. You’ll pay maybe 60 or 70% more for an electric than for the equivalent IC car. That wipes out your savings pretty much.

This last one is a story of sheer bare faced cheek. Erin Kim had a date with somebody she was introduced to on Tinder. It was a holiday romance, and it was so exciting that Ms Kim decided to stay another night in Rome, where she had met her paramour. Then she wrote to Tinder moaning that having to book another flight had cost her $400. Perhaps spotting a PR coup, Tinder forked the cash.

I think they were had.

*I’d predict  a lot more pedestrian injuries since the bloody things are so quiet you can’t hear them coming very easily.