Insomnia sucks very bigly. If you suffer from it, as I do, then you have my sympathy. But it’s not all downside. Mainly. But not all.

I’ve referred before to my televisual habits in the long sleepless watches of the night, and I recently fetched upon a film I had never even heard of*. It’s Good Kill, stars nobody of any import at all apart from Ethan Hawke, and is remarkably intriguing.

On the face of it, it’s a technowar story about drones bombing the daylights out of Afghanistan. There’s some mildly contrived action stuff, with villages being reduced to rubble, but it’s a lot more interesting when we get to the morality of what’s going on.

Are the drone operators simply glorified gamers, distanced from the emotional impact of what they do? Should they care about the people they are killing from thousands of miles away? What about the civilians who get caught up in the carnage? Are they fair game, a price to be paid?

Hawke’s Major Egan is an interesting hybrid, a drone operator who was once a combat pilot. Much as he hates the bloodshed, he feels it’s better to be really up there, really taking part, than to be sitting in a bunker (in his case a converted shipping container) acting dispassionately and at arms length. It’s raised some interesting questions in my mind as to which is ‘better.’ I’m not surprised Egan turned to drink.

With insomnia there’s always a downside, though, in that you get to see films you really don’t like. No, that’s not fair. I admired the film, but not its subject matter. I speak of Legend. Not the 1985 Tom Cruise potboiler, but the 2015 effort starring Tom Hardy as the two Kray twins, the notorious East End gangsters of the 1960s.

I’ve never fallen for the mystique of the Krays. They were two vicious psychopaths, especially Ron. All the ‘They loved their mum’ stuff is immaterial. That Reg has a soft side is also neither here nor there. ‘They didn’t harm anyone but their own kind.’ Meh.

For reasons that are beyond me, even normally sensible people lionise them, and this film continues the trend. It almost deifies them, frankly. That annoyed me.

You do get some sterling performances, yes. Tom Hardy is good, and you get Christopher Ecclestone as Nipper Read, the copper with his eye on banging the boys up. Tara Fitzgerald pops up, which is always pleasing. Millie Brady (who?) is remarkably good as Joan Collins, who along with many other slebs (including Shirley Bassey, Sonnie Liston, and Barbara Windsor) used to hang with the boys.

It still left a nasty taste in my mouth.

*There’s a thing.