I fear the fragrant Duchess of Cambridge is going to run foul of the Mumsnet brigade, who will be rummaging in the cutlery drawer as I type this. If you don’t know about Mumsnet (and you should, I’ve had a pop at them on many occasions) it’s a website where a load of chattering-class women gather to congratulate each other on what great mothers they are, and how bad some other mothers are. Take a look at the website, but be prepared for your blood pressure to go up*.

Here’s what St Kate has done that I expect will have Mumsnet breaking out the pitchforks and lighting the torches. She drove a car. Yes she did. She had the temerity to drive a car and she’s pregnant! Burn her at the stake!

It’s not quite as straightforward as that, since I’m exaggerating for comic effect. What she actually did was a spot of offroading in a Land Rover Discovery. Driving a Disco should be grounds for summary execution full stop, I suppose, but driving while pregnant is not.

They’ll be baying for blood though, since there’s some guidance that you might not want to go on the Land Rover Experience (that hateful name is another good reason for physical violence) if you happen to be pregnant. Remember that she’s only 4 months along, though the Mail seems to have been banging on about her ‘flaunting’ her bump for much longer than that.

Bear in mind also that NHS debunks the old wives’ tale that working, lifting, or straining during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage**, so it seems to me unlikely that taking a drive, however rough it might be, and in a Disco that’s ‘not very,’ is going to lead to any trouble. I’d like to see and hear Mumsnet’s views on how you’re supposed to get about if you’re pregnant and live halfway to the clouds up an unmade farm track in the middle of nowhere in the Pennines.

I doubt this will stop the yummymummies from taking her to task for somehow endangering her child. Her child. Also, she was housebound for a couple of months with hyperemesis. Irritating as I find her, I reckon she deserves a bit of fun.

*You will, for example, find a useful article ‘Questions every new parent asks about baby poo.’

**Given the degree of constipation many pregnant women experience, this is probably all to the good.