Sunday shortie, and a seasonal theme.

A bunch of us has been vying with each other to nominate the worst Christmas single of all time. There’s a depressing number choose from, but on balance I opted for my Numero Uno, the one that really makes me cross. Roy Wood and Wizzard doing I wish it could be Christmas every day. This sucks bigly.

I had the misfortune to see the associated video the other day, and it’s this I’m not sure they’d get away with today*. What we have is a man with a long blonde wig, a dodgy beard, sparkly makeup, and a knitted hat, accompanied by four other idiots similarly attired. No harm no foul, yet, despite the extremely high irritation quotient.

Then we factor in that they are on stage with a bunch of schoolchildren, with whom they’re dancing, and encouraging to play saxophones. Father Christmas is creepy, but five blokes in glam look distinctly iffy.

With that I bid you a Merry Christmas.

*In an ideal world they wouldn’t get away with the sodding single, either.