As you know, I shave my head. I’m a bit lax, now and then. I like to do it every day. Some days I simply can’t be arsed. Before you think badly of me. Ever taken something out of the wash basket, given it a sniff, gone, ‘That’s good to go’? Yes? Stop being a snob. You’re guilty too. You’re a slacker too. Welcome to the club. It is not a very exclusive one.

Here’s the odd bit. My hair, when I allow it to grow, is what you might call grey. Maybe white. It’s all there, but not my natural attractive hue. Kinda dark auburn. Now it is grey.

So how is it that when I shave my bonce, the stubble in the washbasin is black? How does that work? How can I have white hair that is black when I shave it? That doesn’t sound right or fair, does it?