When I worked for a research company, many many years ago, there was another new graduate who joined about the same time as I did. We shared the same sense of humour, love for heavy rock, and beer, and Phil and I became really close friends.

There was a fly in his working ointment, or more accurately two flies of Biblical proportions. One was his department head. To my certain knowledge nobody in the company liked him, with one possible exception. That was Phil’s immediate senior, who just happened to have gained her position shortly after getting married. To the department head.

Between them, the harridan and her old man made Phil’s life a living hell, to the extent that he got thoroughly disheartened. Finally, he decided enough was enough, and applied for jobs elsewhere. I have to admit this dismayed me a bit, but I could see his point. He eventually upped sticks to Swindon to work for a pharma company based there.

All went well for the first month, then his department head left. Take a guess who the replacement was? None other than his earlier Nemesis, though by this point his harridan of a wife had given birth to a son*, though neither Phil nor I wanted to dwell too long on the idea of how she became pregnant. I know speculating about other people’s sex lives is a bit odd**, but in this case it was genuinely disturbing.

*The son was named Kranch. That tells you a lot.

**See my page Sex is boring in  the list above the header photo.