Sunday shortie again.

Since it is Sunday, what better than I return to the thorny topic of sexual mores. Peter Stringfellow died this week, which was bad news for Kev, since he had him ready for the Kick the Bucket List transfer window in July. Hard luck, Kev.

Mr Stringfellow once was claimed to have slept with/had sex with over 2000 women. Quote. ‘I’ve been around a long time, man. Just by the sheer weight of years you’re going to have a bunch of girls (sic) in your background.’ That tells us a bit about him, I think.

I have a young mate, a mere stripling of some 20 summers. He reckoned that when he got to a count of fifty he thought, ‘Might as well keep going, see how many I can make it to.’

I’ve touched on this before, and I’m not questioning the morals here. If it’s always been consensual, then morality doesn’t enter into it. However, I did ask my young whippersnapper mate, ‘But why?’ He replied, ‘Because I can, I suppose.’

I just don’t get it. It’s simply beyond me, the ‘notches on the bedpost’ approach. I’ve never had a one-nighter, and just about everybody else I know has succumbed to one at some point in time, including some folks who surprised me a little, though not a lot.

I’ve had quite a lot of offers in the past, but being pretty much a serial monogamist I’ve always said, ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ I couldn’t see the point.

Maybe it’s just me, eh?