Sunday shortie.

You may remember about two years ago I fell foul of the creeping Puritanism on the internet. On the computer I often use where I live, the evil NetNanny stepped in, and I got barred from my own website. I was rather pleased about this, even if it led to my usual rant about censors being inherently corrupted by what they deal with, and all the moral queries that raises .

Now, the Bad Nanny has been disabled*, but replaced by something a bit more insidious. If I run a Google search, the engine opens to default in Safe Search. I suspect this is supposed to protect the delicate sensibilities of the ageing population in my block of flats, but let’s face it, you get to 80+ you’ll have been around the block a few times. There’s not a lot you haven’t seen or heard.

I’m also uneasy that Safe Search is aimed at parents to help their children to develop ‘safe online habits.’ Anybody else think that’s rather infantilising older people? I certainly do.

I’ve found out how to switch it off now, so my access to Pornhub is back.

*Or perhaps taken down. I can’t access it.