Last week one Diane von Furstenberg was touting herself to the press for some reason. I’d never heard of her, but apparently she’s a fashion designer held in high regard by those who hold people like her in high regard. Apparently her wrap dress is iconic. I must say it looks like an overpriced piece of cloth aimed at weak-minded individuals, but what do I know?

Supplier of high-class clobber or not, she’s no slouch in the PR stakes. This headline made both The Times and the i. ‘Viagra is the worst thing to happen to women.’ Hmm. Let’s think. Anything else that may be worse?

How about this? In the USA, the self-proclaimed ‘Land of the Free,*’ things are not going well for women. In Congress, old, white men are passing laws dictating to women exactly how their uterus is not their own, it needs to be regulated. Funds for Planned Parenthood are being cut, so less money available for smear tests, access to free contraception and so on. By the way, whatever the godbotherers say, PP never offered abortions, but would offer advice on them. Lots of insurance schemes in the US won’t pay for contraceptive services, because the schemes are largely run by old, white men, who will pay for Viagra on prescription.

Meanwhile, another old, white male gave a derisory six months to a young man for, ‘assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated or unconscious person; penetrating an intoxicated person with foreign object; and penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.’ That’s quite a rap sheet. Brock Turner (who is a young, white man) got a mere wrist-slapping because of his ‘promising career.’ No mention of his victim’s career.

Meanwhile, another old, white male refuses to let women have control over their own fertility, except by use of the laughably unreliable rhythm method. Yes, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, doesn’t give a rat’s arse about child poverty and maternal health issues. He’s adhering to the ‘teachings’ of yet another bunch of old men who wrote in Genesis, ’And you, be ye fruitful and multiply.’

What else might be the worst thing to happen to a woman? Breast cancer would make it into my list of ‘Things that are worse than Viagra.’ Having a miscarriage. Having a stillbirth**. Being forbidden an abortion when you’ve been raped*** at the age of twelve.

The worst thing that happened to women wasn’t Viagra. It was old men with a deeply ingrained fear and hatred of women.

*Though this is in reality Belize, whose national anthem it is.

**Some states in the US are legislating that even children that die in the womb must be carried to term. More interfering from old, white men.

***More old, white men interfering in the US.