A friend re-alerted me to this bit of lunacy today. I suspect I have not really improved with keeping


A good one for the urban warriors, this. You really never know how handy it might be. It’s about a year since I posted this, but the academic controversy rages on. Propellorheads can be astonishingly passionate about their work….


First choice of course is to pull the emergency handle. Or break into the driver’s cab on the train and remove the heart attack victim’s body from the dead man’s handle. Train stops, problem solved. Or call the control centre, tell them to kill the power to that section of line. That would work.

All a bit mundane though, so I’ve got a much better idea. Get bitten by a radioactive spider. I realise this may not be as easy as it sounds. Radioactive spiders aren’t that common. Even if you find one, it’s not likely to bite you. In the UK, the likelihood of getting bitten by a spider…

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