As you know, ‘WTF?’ moments are an extreme form of the ‘I’m not buying that’ moments I’ve been having recently. This one is a doosie. It’s PETA at its most lunatic.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals frequently give me ‘WTF?’ moments. Their aims are entirely laudable, but their methodology, the thinking, is just weird. They think killing and exploiting animals is a bad thing, but advocate killing humans who kill or exploit animals. Work that one out. The madness of trying to get copyright of selfies taken by a macaque assigned to the macaque itself. That was bonkers. Curiously, the macaque itself would not have benefited. The mad bastards wanted to take the funds and use them for their own ends. I’d say that’s exploiting an animal, but what do I know?

Their latest startling bit of idiocy is this. Drinking milk is symbolic of white supremacy. I didn’t make that up. Nor did I make up the PETA tagline, ‘The white stuff isn’t the right stuff.’

They ‘justify’ the white supremacy thing with two spurious references to the world of cinema. In the horror film Get Out, we have a white supremacist apparently eating cereal one piece at a time and, crucially, drinking the milk separately. I think that may be a symbol of extreme OCD, but again, what do I know? Then in the Tarantino oeuvre Inglorious Basterds Christopher Waltz’s sadistic Colonel Landa is shown drinking milk. Oh yeah, then there’s a bit of idle speculation from a geneticist as to why white people seem less likely than others to be lactose intolerant*.

Are you buying into this? I’m not. They’ve plainly lost whatever tenuous grip on reality they ever had. I’m pleased to say that not a lot of other people are either. Twitter went apeshit, with lots of people ripping the piss out of the madpersons. Some of the stuff was very funny indeed.

But the best response was this one, which sums up my feeling neatly. ‘PETA please, I support your work to fight for animal rights and welfare, but thee posts have just been total garbage. Focus on your core message and don’t get sidetracked with this sort of thing. It just looks embarrassing.’

In other news, as they say, the Duchess of Sussex, who appears to have kicked the Duchess of Cambridge into the long grass as the tabloids’ favourite, was spotted wearing a pair of Vejas. These trainers are apparently achingly trendy at the moment, since they’re aimed at vegans. Except for one thing. Some contain leather. Yes, it’s leather derived from fish skin, but it’s still leather. And the skin is sourced from tilapia farms, where it’s normally thrown away. Still killed the farmed fish though. Not exactly vegan then, are they?

*Though not in Hoxton, obviously.