There was quite a lot of it, though, to be honest. First up we had some wackjob council giving a jailed rapist a chance to see the child he fathered when raping a 15 year old girl. This follows on from decisions in the US that might allow rapists to prevent their victims from having abortions. If that’s not wrong, I simply don’t know what is.

Further baby-centred wackjobbery from China. Dr He Jiankui claimed to have genetically engineered a pair of twin baby girls. The provenance of this is suspect, though. One, there has been no peer-reviewed publication. That’s always suspicious, like that wackjob last year claiming to have performed a head transplant. That seems to have died a death, that story. Dr He, like the head transplant wacko, released a video. This leads me to suspect he’s a charlatan. I certainly hope so. The last thing the world needs right now is eugenics, though the idea of being spared TFF is a tempting one.

Because he’s the mad bastard who authorised and indeed ordered the use of baton rounds and tear gas on the ‘caravan’ of refugees in Mexico. That’s right. US troops firing into another sovereign country. Pretty sure that’s an act of warfare. Then the Orange Shitgibbon threatened to close the border permanently. That would irritate quite a lot of frat boys heading for Tijuana to get pissed and laid. Might make it tricky for TFF to import his clothing lines from the Mexican sweatshops too.

All a bit dismaying, but there was some light. At about 7:50 PM on Monday night, the InSight Mars lander touched down. It had taken about seven months to do the seven hundred million mile trip, and the last stage was called the ‘six minutes of terror.’ I can see that. Trying to anchor up something from 12,500 mph to 5 mph is always going to be a bit tense. The live footage from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, where mission control was, was very tense indeed. You could clearly see the atmosphere. You could almost smell the atmosphere. The sound of rosary beads must have been deafening.

Then Christine Szalai announced, ‘Touchdown confirmed.’ Man alive, the place went absolutely apeshit. Utterly mental. And I didn’t blame any single one of the celebrants. I was quietly cheering too.

Then the first photograph came through. More dancing in the streets. Yay!