I have some friends with mildly unconventional lives. For some reason, I’ve accumulated a lot of female writers of M/M romance fiction, for example. I’m not sure how that happened, since it’s not a genre in which I have any interest at all. Hey ho. Things happen.

I have quite a lot of gay friends, both women and men. Again, it’s a bit of a hey ho. I genuinely do not care. It’s nothing to do with me, is it? What people get up to in private is absolutely nothing to do with me. It’s nothing to do with you either, is it? If you think it is, then you and I may fall out pretty fast. One of the things that made me smile at a pretty bad point in my life was watching a couple of my lesbian friends running through a pissing rainstorm hand in hand, and giggling like schoolgirls.

I have more friends than a lot of people do who are trans. I’m not sure how that happened either. Hey ho. Again, I don’t give a rat’s arse. I don’t understand the motivation, but I do get the idea of internal conflict. Up to them, isn’t it?

I have another couple of friends who are in the middle of making a transition. One goes in for some major surgery in January. Fair play. That takes some nerve. As I said to her only the other day, ‘That takes some cojones, but you won’t have any after, will you?’ That made her laugh. I’d always thought of her by her female name anyway, so from my point of view, nothing has changed at all. The same cannot be said of her, can it? Not after January.

A couple of nights ago, somebody else came out. He has realised he’s isn’t gay, or bi, or fluid. He’s just the wrong gender. I say ‘just’ but you know what I mean. He’s not a he. She’s a she. Again, I have to say that I admire the courage being shown. I also have to say again, I don’t understand how that works, but internal conflict I do understand.

Good luck both.