This is undoubtedly going to raise some hackles, but you cannot in all conscience think I wouldn’t address this.

Shamima Begum. She’s a quandary, isn’t she? A conundrum, even.

The first question I have to ask is how an unaccompanied child (she was only 15) managed to get through airport security checks on her way to Turkey en route to Syria. Somebody should get a damned good arse kicking for that. I appreciate that teenagers can be devious little sods, I certainly was, but security checks are there for the specific purpose of catching devious little sods, surely?

Now she wants to come back to the UK, and Sajid Javid, in his wisdom, has revoked her citizenship This unfortunately leaves her stateless, and that’s an absolute no-no under international law. Oh dear. That could get messy.

I find her lack of remorse utterly despicable. Even at 15 you know what’s right and what’s wrong, and if as she claims killing people is wrong you can’t take sides and say yours is the right one. The deaths at the Ariana Grande concert were justified? No, I don’t see that at all. If killing civilians, if killing children, is wrong, it’s just wrong full stop. You can’t have it both ways.

The thing is, much as I despise her, her actions, she is a British citizen. I dislike that, but it is the truth. We can’t just deprive people of their nationality just because they’ve been complete vicious wankers. By that token, Tommy Robinson would be out on his ear. Brady/Hindley. The Wests. Any and all wartime collaborators. Margaret Thatcher. The list is endless. I don’t think Ms Begum deserves any of the sympathy she has called for, not at all, not a shred, but that alters nothing. Much as I dislike it, she’s one of us.

Then there’s her child. Shamima Begum was truly misguided in becoming a ‘jihadi bride’, but, and this is the BIG but, the child she has just given birth to has done absolutely nothing wrong, and is British, and hence has the rights of a British person, including right of residence.

By the way, I have heard no calls for that youth who raped and murdered the six-year-old on Bute to be deprived of his citizenship. You might make a case there.