No doubt you’ll have noticed my two day absence. Sadly on Sunday evening my vertigo got to me, and I plunged inelegantly to the ground, smacked my head again, and woke up surrounded by anxious faces and flashing blue lights. Yet another ride in an ambulance, but the paramedic gave me the all clear.

Bit of a shame really, because it had been a nice day. Easter Day is when classic cars are traditionally taken out for the first run of the year, and so it proved. There was a break with tradition in that it didn’t hammer down with rain, and the day was bright and hot.

You’re aware of my interest in all things automotive, even if not all approve of it. But even the biggest disapprovers would have been moved by the absolutely cherry MG Magnette. That was lovely, and surprising because most Magnettes ended up as banger racers in the 1970s.

There was a charming Austin A35 van, complete with its original signwriting in blue on white. It was funny how skinny the tyres looked compared with the modern-day steamrollers.

1967 Mustang. The Mustang has always been a fave of mine, though this one had the temerity to be a droptop. Things improved with a latterday hardtop GT 5.0 It’s clever, instantly recognisable as related to the early Stangs, the tail-lights in particular.

A MkI Ford Capri. I still don’t like the body shape, which was even more tail-heavy than the early Mustangs, but the racket from the V6 took me back to the 70s.  It was back to 50s and 60s too with the couple of neatly turned out Mini Coopers, proper Mini not the hulking great brutes that BMW call a Mini these days.

A pretty MG TD. Counted as a sports car back when, but your average family saloon can outrun one, go round corners better, and anchor up sooner. However the average family saloon would stand no chance at all against the Nissan Skyline GTR. This was ripping up the tarmac, and making enough noise to shake rooftiles off and rattle windows for miles around.

The ambulance was a bit of a letdown.