Sunday shortie.

The first part of this thread was unpredictably popular, so let’s roll with it. Sexy, from a man’s point of view about women. From this man’s point of view about women.

Redheads*. I’ll always try to keep a redhead in my eyeline in a pub or bar. That’s why they invented bar mirrors.

Freckles across the nose. Often seen with Redheads. Jeepers.

A proper laugh. Not the Prosecco-cackle. That really is a no-no. Lots of y chromosomes like it, they know they are on a promise. I can’t abide it.

On the subject of speech, don’t SHOUT ALL THE TIME. Be quietly spoken. Not subdued, not beaten down, not frightened. Just keep the noise down. This also applies to men. KEEP THE NOISE DOWN!

An accent may help. You know my views on Sophie’s northeast accent. A Welsh lilt can be nice. Scottish Lowlands. Not Birmingham, though.

A healthy appetite. If we go out for a meal, do not shove a lettuce leaf round your plate and claim to be stuffed. Not gluttony. An appetite. And don’t say, ‘No, I mustn’t,’ when you really want a pudding. Just have it.

Not having lip fillers. If you look as if I can stick you on a mirror, forget it. Ditto botox. Nope.

But it is complicated.

*Though not ginger, even though that’s not an absolute exclusion clause.