Gawdelpus, what  lot of fuss over nothing about Jo Brand. If you’re not a Brit, you may not have heard of her, but she’s a comedian. I saw her some time before she became a household name, and I wasn’t sure I could retain control of my bladder and bowels. She is very funny indeed, but she shoots from the hip. Very acerbic and slashingly sarcastic. The latter may be why I like her and find her so ridiculously funny. You know about me and sarcastic women.

Anyway, she was on a programme from the BBC called Heresy. The title gives you a bit of a hint, no? We’re talking biting satire and irreverence here, and it’s often, by its very nature, close to the knuckle, and that’s what makes it worthwhile. Anyway, she made a crack about the recent spate of milkshake ‘attacks’ on politicians, and asked why you’d waste a milkshake when you could buy some battery acid. It was in a bit of poor taste, but flippant, not serious. I shrugged and went, ‘Naah, not funny.’ But what I didn’t do was get outraged. All comedians have off moments.

The internet lit up, with Nigel Farrago being particularly vocal. This may not be unconnected to the fact he got shaked on his way to seeing his party go down with all hands at the Peterborough by-election. He screamed, ‘Incitement to violence!’ and demanded a police enquiry into hate crime.

Nigel, me aud mucker, a hate crime? Against whom, exactly? Incitement to violence? It was a chuckaway and not too funny joke. Grow up a bit, and realise that all jokes need a notional victim. Also learn it’s not all about you, you narcissistic dimwit. There were no names and no packdrill.

The Met Police, of all people, got involved, did a cursory and indeed token ‘investigation,’ and concluded no case to answer. Good for them. Common sense prevailed. I’d be going after Farrago for wasting police time and resources jut for being a snowflake. And how come they got involved? A chuckaway in a comedy club would have gained zero traction with the Met. It was only because Farrago chucked his toys out of the pram as a means of bashing the BBC because he is so bleeding touchy without being even remotely sensitive.