UK PLC is screwed. The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum.

I decided not to tackle this topic till the new Toff PM had his slippers under the bed at Number 10, and the shape of his Cabinet became clear. In terms of the Cabinet, he seems to have acted with almost unseemly haste. Most new PMs take a few days to settle things, but Johnson wielded his axe with great vigour, with 17 Ministers returning to the backbenches either by choice because Johnson is such a turd, or because they had no choice since they were sacked.

I’m no big fan of Rhyming Slang, but that doesn’t matter since he’s gone anyway, not too surprisingly, along with 16 others. What Johnson has done is load up the Cabinet with arch-exiters who require only one quality. Talent doesn’t matter, but loyalty has to be a given. Unswerving loyalty is all that matters.

This is a ‘no ifs no buts’ Cabinet, a ‘do or die’ Cabinet, and that’s not good news is it? Johnson has said he’ll renegotiate the exit deal, when Barnier and his cronies have made very clear that’s not open for discussion. That means we leave willy-nilly, and from my point of view that doesn’t look at all good for employment and other aspects of life.

Let’s think of employment. Johnson and his bunch of smirking sycophants don’t need to fret too much about that. Many of them are independently wealthy, so they can afford not to think about the proles. Even without private means, they’re not going to be out of paid employment for a while, and they’ll still be drawing parliamentary salaries and shamelessly fiddling their expenses at least until the end of October. Listen up, people. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR ME!

The whole ‘Exit at any cost’ stance, the ‘The public mandated this*’ bollocks is just that. Bollocks. What we have now is a load of ideological posturing from a bunch of people in power (not governing) working the their own agenda, not the agenda of me or my mates down the pub. This is dickswinging, and even the female Cabinet members are at it. Until quite recently, Priti Patel**, the new Home Secretary, was advocating the return of capital punishment. Fortunately that’s out of her control now, being the bailiwick of the Justice Department.

We now have a Prime Minister who is a notorious and recorded liar, a racist, a braggart, a bully, and a generally unpleasant and seedy character. He’s dishonest, but not unintelligent, like Gerald Ratner channelling TFF. There’s a clusterfuck on the way and it’s all been orchestrated by a bunch of 160,000 elderly white people, largely male, who voted in this fuckwit who then chose his mates purely because they’re his mates.

This will end in tears. The least worst thing that can happen now is there’s a screw up where we don’t leave the EU at the designated date, and the resultant general election gives the Toffs a right and well deserved hiding. I might be lighting the torches and breaking out the pitchforks before going round to Pigshagger’s house for some words, because his hubris caused this shitstorm.

*I don’t know about the rest of the UK, but I certainly didn’t mandate economic chaos and likely political unrest and upheaval.

**Who has previously been sacked from the Foreign Office for lying…