And probable liar.

TFF is the gift that keeps on giving. I tend not to blog about him too much, because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel*, but sometimes it has to be done.

First up, being a dullard. TFF isn’t unintelligent, but he is as dumb as a bag of wet mice. Now, I can’t guarantee the provenance of this, but I believe it. He has repeatedly suggested that the way to stop hurricanes making landfall in the US, ‘Why don’t we nuke them?’

Errm, I can think of any number of reasons. This crackbrained idea has actually been floated since the days of Eisenhower, and nobody thinks it would actually work. If it didn’t, you’d have a radioactive hurricane make landfall, which I don’t think is a good idea at all. Then you’d have to hit the storm over international waters, and that contravenes an international treaty governing ‘peaceful use’ of nuclear weapons. Then you have the problem of adding a heck of a lot of energy to what is already a highly energetic weather system, so if it doesn’t work, you’re deeply in the mire.

Even if it does work, the fallout will hit the trade winds and be blown all over the place. I imagine there’s be an outcry over that that makes the Bolsanaro debacle look like a church social.

TFF went into full denial mode. ‘I never said this! FAKE NEWS!’

Of course it is you shitgibbon.

Still on the subject of lying, in 2015, in a blatant vote trapping exercise, when asked ‘What is your favourite book?’ he replied, ‘The Bible.’

‘Really? What is your favourite passage.’

‘It’s a great book. I don’t want to get into specifics.’

‘Which do you prefer, the Old Testament or the New Testament?’


From a man who has never been to church while in office, preferring to burn taxpayers’ money in his own golf resorts.

Second favourite book? His autobiography. I bet he’s not read that either.

*Anybody any idea about the origin of that phrase?