Sunday shortie.

Here are some thing I genuinely never want to hear about or read about any more.

Pigshagger. This loser leapt from the sinking ship three years ago, and all the coverage in the media is free advertising for his memoir.

Samsung’s folding phone. I don’t care. And all the op-eds are merely cheap PR.

The iPhone 11, and the iPhone 110 Pro. I don’t care the Pro has three cameras.

Any phone at all that costs over a grand. I’ve bought cars for less.

Downton Abbey. I’ve never seen the programme, and I really don’t give a rat’s arse about the film. Again all the op-eds are just free advertising.

Talking of free advertising, the endless coverage on the BBC about one of its own programmes. I’ve never watched Strictly Come Dancing, I don’t care who the slebs are, I don’t care who they’ve been partnered with. Cube-shaped turds, they’re interesting, sort of. Sequins and spray tans, not interesting at all.