I realise this is my general state of mind. Quiet fulmination, a lot of ‘WTF?’

You can now get a degree in electronic gaming. I am not making that up. A degree in gaming. What? A degree in gaming? Bugger me, I thought media studies was a soft option, and it is. Gaming is not a degree level indicator of brains, intellect. Reaction times, yes. Killer instinct, maybe. Hand (digit) coordination, yes. But a degree in this? Gimme a break.

‘Oh it’s not about gaming, they don’t spend all day online.’

What do they do then?

‘It’s about how to build successful teams, how to let people know about your teams.’

Oh. Management consultancy, astonishingly parasitic, and a bit of marketing, then? Add in some buzzwords, take the money and run. Know the raison d’être here? Some gamers make millions just because they have huge audiences of sad people on YouTube channels such as Twitch. Jeepers, that is disheartening. People watching gamers. Not joining in Watching ‘heroes.’ Who are sitting in their living rooms making money from the gullible audience. Would I pay? Oh no.

Closer to home. I had a very unedifying conversation with a woman I hardly know, and whom I do not like.

‘How is your life?’

‘Shit. I’m homeless and I have no money. 84p to be accurate.’

‘What the fuck did you spend it on?’

‘Nothing to do with  you, is it?’

‘Where are you tonight?’

‘Somewhere dry. Nothing to do with you.’

‘How did you run out of money?’

‘Pension providers dicking me about.’

‘There’s some coming in then?’

‘Some, yes.’

‘What are you going to do, then?’

‘I don’t know yet.’

‘But you need a PLAN. You can’t just spunk it up against the wall.’

‘I can  do that if I wish to, and it is nothing to do with you if I decide that’s the way I want to go, is it?’

‘Yeah, but you need a PLAN.’

‘Do not nag me. I’m not stupid.’

‘I don’t really give a toss anyway.’

‘Then be quiet, and stop nagging. I have enough women nagging me, and you don’t count.’

You may have guessed I was a bit tetchy by then.