A rare politically orientated blog from me, and even more rarely it doesn’t feature TFF, the orange shitgibbon in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This features another shitgibbon who is resident in 10 Downing Street.

Our revered Prime Minister, the Bullingdon Bullyboy, has been found to have acted ‘unlawfully.’ That’s a bit naughty for a head of government, isn’t it? Now, because this was a verdict on a civil case, albeit an 11 to 0 ruling by the highest court in the land, he’s not actually ‘guilty’ of any crime. He merely acted ‘unlawfully.’ For many people, including myself, the difference between ‘unlawful’ and ’illegal’ is a case of legal semantics that cuts no ice. BB didn’t act within the law. He can protest all he likes that he respects the judiciary but contests the decision*. Listen up, sonnyboy, you showed scant respect for the law when you prorogued Parliament to further your own partisan aims. You got caught fair and square, bang to rights.

Will he resign? Resign? Well, no. Because he disagrees with the decision that he lost 11-0, he won’t resign. That shows respect for the judiciary, does it? Definitions of respect have changed a bit since I was at school.

There are two further embarrassments, aren’t there? Firstly, the Cabinet widely acknowledged the case would go against it. Several members asked for legal guidance before making a decision on prorogation, but were denied it. You can take me through that if you can make any sense of it, because I’m buggered if I can. The best I can come up with is a megalomaniac narcissist with a big stick being a complete arse to get his own way to achieve his own ends**. Does that sound familiar from other parts of the world? It does to me, and not all of those parts are places I want to live. Right now, I’m not sure I want to live in the UK, and I’ve been here for all my 66 years of life.

Secondly, he lied to the Queen. The media are using the term ‘misled,’ but that’s just lying-lite, isn’t it? The head of our government in the UK lied to the Queen. Admittedly despite the fact she’s the Head of State she has no executive power, but she relies on guidance from the PM and his government. If I were Madge, I’d be carpeting Bullyboy as soon as his plane’s wheels hit the runway at Heathrow, demanding he make a diversion to Buck House on the way to Westminster. I think strong words might be exchanged.

BB seems to think, as does TFF, he’s beyond the law. Guess what, nobhead? Nobody is beyond the law. You prorogued Parliament to drive through your own political agenda, for your own self-serving aims, and bollocks to the proles, since they don’t count what with them not being Toffs. Fess up and fuck off. And don’t try to justify your actions with a smokescreen of words such as ‘capitulation,’ or’surrender,’ or ‘betrayal.’ One person betrayed this nation, and it was YOU, you bastard! Anything to cling onto power, you charlatan.

*It’s a bit like a footballer claiming he respects the match officials but doesn’t agree his team lost 11-nil. Total bollocks.

**He didn’t even want to leave the EU, but it was politically expedient to hitch himself to the Leave school of thought, so he fucks up the entire Union just to get ahead. Imagine that.