Two completely unrelated stories here. One amused me and irritated me in equal measure, the other made me go, ‘Ho hum, that old chestnut again.’

First up, the Bullingdon Bullyboy went off on one. He accused his Labour opponents of ‘political self-obsession and onanism.’ Two aspects struck me here. Firstly, if you want to see political self-obsession, look no further than 10 Downing Street. The incoherent moptop who is at the helm of the UK is completely obsessed with his own ideology over Britain leaving the EU. Make no mistake, he’s willing and ready to screw the proles over. It’ll make no difference to him if we get a deal or not. He’s got a load of moolah in the bank, he makes decent wedge as the PM, like all politicians he can fiddle his expenses to great effect. Does he really care about the poor sods on universal credit? Of course not. He’s concerned solely with getting his own way. Not unlike TFF then.

The reference to ‘onanism’ is an unfortunate one, isn’t it? Using a posh word for wanking was a bit of a tactical error, don’t you think? Who is currently the biggest wanker in Parliament? Who is the alpha wanker, the uber wanker? I’ll give you a hint, it is no longer Odious Duncan Smith. It’s a bloke with floppy blond hair and an inability to be coherent for more than a few seconds at a time, and whose own benches have been guilty of some pretty radical political self-abuse that led to many being stripped of the whip. The parliamentary gridlock is not caused solely by Labour. The Toffs have made a major contribution, and for that BB has to accept responsibility, since he is wanker-in-chief.

On a lighter note now. There was some really shoddy reporting about how antidepressants in water affect the behaviour of fish. Antidepressants find their way into freshwater ecosystems and influence foraging habits of mosquitofish. Allegedly.

This is a variant on the ‘all fish are coked to the gills’ and ‘oral contraceptives render fish sterile’ horrorstories, and it’s simply false. How did the researchers determine it was fluoxetine (aka Prozac) causing the changes, and only fluoxetine, nothing else? I’ll tell you. This study was carried out in a laboratory. I guarantee that. There’s no other way of controlling it, certainly not in the wild. It’s a long way from the laboratory to real life, I can tell you. Extrapolation is fraught with pitfalls for the unwary (eg journalists with no real grasp.)

I’ve had to do some environmental impact assessments on pharmaceuticals, and it’s a sodding pain in the arse. You have to faff about with water/oil partition coefficients (yes, I know), estimate exposure, which is massively affected by usage patterns and metabolic factors, and even sewerage systems, take a rough guess at likely breakdown of actives in the ecosystem (partially dependent on exposure to sunlight, and on temperature and on oxygen levels)…

I found this story in one of the mainstream (hahaha) newspapers. On the internet it would be clickbait.