Sunday shortie.

The title may strike a chord with Brits of a certain age, but after that my audience is lost. Things will become clear. Possibly.

This week a woman ended up in Crown Court, was found guilty as charged, and fined 750 quid with 750 costs against her. She’d objected to the smell from a hardboiled egg another passenger was quietly eating for brekkie. Yes, boiled eggs smell a lot, but not fifteen hundred quid a lot.

More flakey behaviour. Man on train eating a burger. A flakey woman opposite took exception, says she was offended because she’s a gluten intolerant vegan (no surprises here), and videoed him so she could show her equally flakey friends how offensive he was.

Last up, woman on an overcrowded train where she had to stand, despite shelling out six grand a year on a season ticket, fell foul of an overzealous jobsworth ticked collector who fined her twenty notes for having one of her feet in first class without a valid ticket. What?

Meanwhile HS2 looks pretty much sure to rock in at £102 Bn, not the £55 Bn budgeted, all so fat business travellers can save 20 minutes going from London to the Midlands, because we all know the northern stretches aren’t going to happen.