There again, you may not, particularly if the purchase marks you out as a slacker who can’t be arsed to walk to a shop, and what you buy is really not very kind to the planet at all. If I find anybody who uses the service I’m about to describe, I shall pillory them.

In the UK there’s a website based mail order system called Harry’s. They claim ‘Quality razors at a fair price.’ Hmm, not so sure. £3-95 for a single razor, five blades or not, delivered to your door or not, seems like an unfair price to me.

If you look in a bit more detail, and all this is readily seen off the (expensive) television advertising, the razor is a minor component of the cost of your purchase. The rest is fresh air and packaging.

You’ll receive, with your one razor, a substantial brown cardboard box, a bit smaller than a C5 envelope. So far so bad. Open it up, and inside is a plastic pouch. Eco-friendly or what?

It gets worse. Inside the pouch is another cardboard box, custom-made to contain a razor. Yes, that’s right. One razor. That box is also made of substantial cardboard. This is no wrapper, it’s a proper box. You could prop up a car on it while you steal the wheels.

Then we have the contents of this packaging. A razor of such shape you just know the marketing people will describe as ‘ergonomically designed.’ Then the much vaunted ‘five blade head’ with ‘lubricating strips.’ Even five for two quid cheapos* have lubricating strips. There’s a ‘precision trimmer.’ Good. Last thing I’d want from a razor would be a trimmer that’s a bit hit and miss.

There’s a ‘travel blade guard.’ Even really cheapos have a sodding blade guard. It’s a given, not a sodding luxury. As for the aloe vera shaving gel? Cost of goods is about nuppence. I bet the (plastic) bottle costs more than the contents. Even Body Shop products are better value.

As I think I told you, my local Turkish barbers will give a baby’s-bum-smooth shave, hot towel finish, moisturiser, cologne (that stings), a neck, head, and arms massage, trim and singe my ear hairs, and thread my eyebrows, all for the pirate’s ransom of thirteen quid.


*I know I shouldn’t buy disposable razors, it’s a crime against humanity.