Much wailing and rending of cloth and gnashing of teeth in the UK at the moment about the death by her own hand of Caroline Flack. I have say I’d never heard of her before her tragic demise. Tragic? I think any suicide is tragic, so yes. It takes a lot of courage when you’ve been pushed to the limit to just end it all. It’s not the act of a coward, it’s the act of somebody brave. I know. I’ve cocked it up three times, and been treated attentively and patiently, and with great kindness and understanding, by the staff of our NHS.

Who was Caroline Flack? Nobody really. She wasn’t a new Marie Curie, that’s clear. She was a sleb, her slebrity based mainly on a ‘reality’ television show, Love Island. The main reason I’d never heard of her is because I’ve never watched the show and don’t read the ‘People’ columns in the press. But she was famous mainly for being well known. I think she also won Strictly Come Dancing, which is not a show for shrinking violets.

She did act like a true sleb though, a behaviour that I find irksome in all slebs. ‘Why won’t people just leave me alone?’ Because you set yourself up. You courted celebrity, and you can’t now pull the ‘Poor little me’ card out of your sleeve. Let’s also not forget she was facing a court case for lamping her ex-boyfriend and had been barred from seeing him. Her management team are now trying to pin the blame for her suicide on the CPS for proceeding with the case, resulting in the hounding by the tackier end of the newspaper market, not to mention social media. No. The CPS was doing what it’s supposed to do.

Back to the newspapers, shall we? There’s all manner of breastbeating going on about how disgracefully they behaved, reporting her every loud fart. Well, Caroline, that’s the price you paid for seeking notoriety and celebrity. You could say it goes with the territory. You could have said, ‘Oh sod it, this isn’t worth it,’ and dropped off the radar and moved somewhere inconspicuous.

You can be a celebrity and be inconspicuous. Just keep your head down. I’d suggest that Jodie Foster is more of a celebrity than Caroline Flack was, and when did you last read anything about her?

Two things here. The vastly overstated outpourings of grief are largely from the public, people who never actually knew her beyond her screen persona. And here’s the irony. Those selfsame people going on about her being hounded by the press are the ones who buy the redtops. They might have helped by not buying scandalsheets.