Given how things are at the moment, and indeed foreseeable future, social distancing is the name of the game. This isn’t much of a burden for me, since I avoid big gatherings in normal times let alone at the end of days. You may recollect I missed a friend’s wedding last year when I couldn’t face the socialising at the reception.

However, I’m pretty active on the internet. I like it because you can simply ignore it, or just switch it off. But to switch it off you need to be able to switch it on in the first place, and that requires connectivity, which is everywhere these days. But you also need to be able to switch on your computer (or device). That was problematic for me this weekend, and may prove to be so after I power down again, at the end of play.

Asocial as I can be, I do like access to the internet to stay in touch, and that isn’t possible when your/my laptop won’t turn on, and on Friday that’s what happened. Nothing. Nada. Zip. It was dead.

Now like a smartphone, most laptops have a small hole you can poke something in to power it up if the switch fails. You have to find it, but it is there. It worked OK Friday, after some faffing.

Things were more reluctant on Saturday, and it took a long time to get power on, and I felt strangely bereft at not being able to check how my friends were doing. I may be asocial, but I do care.

Sunday and catastrophe struck, right in the middle of the clusterfuck evolving around us, and when I really didn’t want the extra angst. I had a go, had no success, and went for a walk. When I got back, I had a brainwave. What if it’s just a mechanical problem with the on/off switch?

It was, and a bit of brute force and ignorance got things moving. Dunno for how long. Wish me and my laptop well, since I sure as hell can’t afford a new machine right now.

Interesting factoid. When I’m using the wi-fi in a local hotel, my Up and Down cursor keys control the volume on the Sky channels on the television. Whut?