Sunday shortie.

I have a female internet friend in the US. We’ve known each other for bloody donkeys’ ages. We’ve sort of helped each other through some shit times. That’s what friends are for, right?

She’s a big gunnery fan. She spends entire weekends loosing off big calibre rounds. I’ve done a bit of shooting in my time, but seriously she’s blowing bloody great holes in breezeblocks.

I dunno quite how this came about, but we do not use our real names. She is Vasquez, I’m Drake. You need the Aliens reference here. Work at it a bit, eh?

Vasquez’s son got married this weekend. And his wife is quite stunning.

I dumped Vasquez an open FB message.

‘She’s a bonny lass Vasquez. Drake approves. And nobody else will have a clue what I’m on about here.’

‘No. But I do. Thank you.’

Aliens drake and vasquez – Bigmouth.