Deserves another outing I feel. I feel like radiotherapy cack, and that makes me crabby, REALLY TERRIBLY CRABBY, so here we go again


OK, I really do need some guidance here.

I read a headline today, and it was in a normally respectable news source. ‘Make a splash in Spain and become a mermaid.’

I’m pretty bored with this mermaid crap. Pretending to be one is as facile as pretending to be a sodding unicorn. Listen up people! Neither of those creatures exists! Never have. I once blogged about a place not five miles form Dunmow that offered, among other bits of New Age hippiedom, Mermaid Therapy. And Unicorn Therapy.  Neither one was cheap. Go and hug a damned tree and save your money. As for Crystal Therapy, I got done tackling that too, in the same blogpost!

So let’s give this piece of nonsense the chainsaw treatment it merits. Go on. Be a sport, please, please let me.

Should you have a great deal, I mean  great deal, more money than sense…

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