I’m getting really very bored now with feeling unwell. It’s been going on too long to be even remotely amusing any longer.

I’m loaded to the gills with medications. Stuff to control the vertigo, stuff to control the incessant nausea, stuff to control the puking blood. It’s all a bit tedious. There’s a magnesium supplemt too, but I wan’t take that since it goes through me like a dose of salts through a cormorant, and assorted vitamin supplement designed to keep my coat glossy and my nose cold and wet.

It’s the nausea I find to be the real pain in the arse. Because all of a sudden it will erupt into full-on chuckerama, and that’s very embarrassing at this time in the morning as you’re heading for the shops. On balance though, better than being in the shops. Or on the bus. Or in a cab. None of those is a good career choice.

Seriously, nausea will wear you out, even minus the puking thing. Add that in, you’re in a whole world of unpleasantness. And some laundry bills for your kecks. While you walk about with puke down yourself. Not a good look, that one.

Even without the hurling, the nausea is debilitating. You really can do without it. I’ve been on the case here for well over a year now, and it really has taken its toll. Lie down and take the risk? Sit up and take the risk? Go for a walk and take the risk? All in all, not much of a choice, is it?

The radiotherapy really kicked the crap out of me, and the aftereffects continue. My medics are doing all they can, but holy cow I feel like cack every waking hour. This is not good, actually.

Meanwhile there’s a whole bunch of other stuff going on in my life, and that’s not at all good either, just to confuse things.

No wonder I feel like cack, eh? I didn’t enlist for this, I can assure you.