Sunday shortie.

I am on massive doses of vitamins. Huge doses. They are also trying magnesium supplements, but they can fuck off with those. Bugger me, they go through me like a dose of salts through a cormorant.  I have better things to do with my waking hours, and let me assure you shitting through the eye of a needle is not a good way to spend your weekend.

On another excretory level, vitamin supplements do some really odd  things to your urine. It’s like pissing in Technicolor.

I’m going through stuff right now I do NOT want to go through. I don’t.

Life’s a bitch, then you die, as they say. My life? Oh could have been a lot worse. But the pukey thing, I can do without that. I can do without the fluorescent piss too. I can do without that certainly.