Back when Uriah Heep had so much charisma it made your teeth hurt. Seriously.

They were minor league but very heavy HEAVY  rockers, but fuck me they had charisma. They had some real charisma.

Start at the top. Keyboards. Ken Hensley. Great abilities, but bugger me he had PRESENCE unusual in a man behind a bank of keyboards. Most keyboards guys don’t feature too highly in a band profile, but bugger me he had stage presence. He just did.

Gary Thain, one of the finest bass players of all time. He had some fucking presence. He had some fucking hair too.

Mick Box Looked like Cheech Marin on guitar. A mad Mexican dwarf stomping about.

Lee Kerslake on drums. He deserves some points here. Bugger me he could hit those things.

But the thing about Uriah Heep in their heyday was they just WORKED. They had immense onstage presence. Then you got David Byron wailing away on vocals, and he was good.

The entire band was good at really very good harmonies. The Heavy Metal Beachboys they were called. Injust but I see where I came from