I admit freely I am feeling really rather sorry for myself. Normally I’m pretty resilient. Not today, Thursday. I’ve had it, had enough. But I have responsibilities to you, my audience. Every day, bar techie stuff, I blog for you. Even if it means bleating.

I’m miles away from my erstwhile home turf, miles from my friends, miles from where I live, in a strange city where I know nobody, simply to be near the hospital where I have received, continue to receive, the best treatment I could imagine for cancer, one of the worst conditions I really hope you cannot imagine.

And way WAY too many miles separating me from somebody I care about too much, love too much, have loved for too long to put to one side now. That will take its toll too.

Out on a limb, geographically. Out on a limb emotionally, and how.

And physically, as you know, things can be a bit up and down for me. They are pretty down right now. That’s just another factor.

I’m an expat in my own country. But it is not a new phenomenon to me. I wasn’t born round here. I was born in Lancashire. I still belong there really.

I’ve blogged about this before.

And because I don’t feel too good today? I’ve run out of steam a bit. I need a rest. Hence you’re getting a reblog of sorts.

Am I going to apologise? No way at all. I think I’ve earned the right to a whinge now and then. This has not been a very good year by any measure at all.

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