Sort of Sunday shortie.

Some years ago I lived in Harlow in Essex. This was somewhat better than you  might expect, but  it  is full of troglodytes. Morlocks fetched up there when they hijacked The Time Machine from HG Wells.  You don’t want to live there for the intellectual stimulation.

I was reminded of this over the weekend when I fetched up with the film Redcon-1. It isn’t good, I’ll tell you that. Loads of guys shooting violent troglodytes. It’s like Harlow on a normal Friday night, lots of burning oildrums, people getting beaten up and screaming. Yes, it’s Harlow.

Like Harlow, lots of combats and boots as the Army goes in to sort things out. The Yanks. Obviously, since it’s another ‘How America won the War,’ film. Oh  yeah, hot chick with firearms. Always a good move, that one, eh?

Oddly, it’s nowhere near as bloody annoying as it should be. It’s a reasonable actioner, to be fair, and you do get to see the hot  chick beat some bloke to death with a  breezeblock. Lots of sword action from a  token Samurai. I forgot that.

It’s OK for a Friday night. Not great cinema, but it’s OK.