This bit of stupidity re-emerges on a regular basis and it infuriates me

‘The Moon landings were shot in Nevada.’

I thought, hoped, this piece of wackjobbery had died a death back in 1969, but there are still idiots out there that believe it. So I intend to nail it for good.

With decent photographic equipment you can still see various bits of lander modules on the lunar surface. Somewhat typically Man went somewhere new and left a load of crap. It was ever thus.

All the ‘Flag blowing in the wind’ bollocks? Look more closely you morons. The flag is weighted at the bottom, and the swinging is inertial, because there is no air to damp the motion. No air. Got it now?

Back to basics. The shots of the Earth from the lunar surface. Photoshop hadn’t been invented then, and no amount of airbrushing and retouching could have created those back in the day. You’d be able to see the joins, as they say.

Here’s the clincher for me. Just how many thousands of people would have to have been complicit in the fraud? How do you keep them all quiet? You couldn’t. Some statistician propellorhead once calculated it would be a mere four years before the ‘truth’ emerged from someone involved. That never happened, did it?

Armstrong and Aldrin were the first men to walk on the Moon, with Collins their wingman and hoping it all went well. Actually, if I’d been Collins I’d have had trouble controlling my bowels, I suspect.

Let’s put this to bed, shall we? One of the towering technological achievements of the 1960s, involving three very brave men indeed, and you think it was all smoke and mirrors? You do the crew on Apollo 11 an immense disservice, and you’re severely deluded if you think the deception could have been kept quiet by all the people involved.

So all you conspiracy theorist wackojobs, just shut the hell up, eh?