There’s a bit of a pun in the title.

L’hermitte syndrome has been wicked today. This is the radiotherapy-induced upper limb tics and hand tremors, which were very bad, as was the vertigo going into interstellar overdrive. I was all over the shop. I had such a tricky time getting off the bus, the driver even offered to put down the disabled ramp for me. Pride forced me to decline, but I suspect the other passengers got a bit restive as I struggled to negotiate the very minor step down, but the distance to the pavement nearly defeated me. I felt about a zillion years old. Made it eventually without falling over, but it was close. No upper limb control makes it very tricky indeed to use handrails to keep stable doing even simple things such as getting off a bus. I’m a wreck, aren’t I?

Then I had a run-in with the Old Bill. That’s going to ruin your day isn’t it? I can’t go into details here, since I’ve signed a Social Order that expressly forbids any mention of the people involved. I can say the sexual harassment charge was a load of bullshit, but I signed off specifically to protect the woman involved from further stress. That was my motive, protecting somebody I like and actually respect (irony, there, much?). Well used to like till she set the rozzers on me. That’s kind of clouded my judgement a bit. I don’t get a criminal record, but the Social Order is on file, and that offends me. With anybody else I might have said, ‘See you in court!’ but I didn’t want to do that to her. I’d cheerfully have done it to her co-accuser, but then the woman I like(d) would have got dragged into court… No real dilemma. I had to go for the Social Order didn’t I? Even though I think the accusation is bullshit.

So not been a great day all things considered.