I HAVE to reblog the sheer delight of this weekend. My oh my, we whined and whinged, just knuckled down and got dirty and sweaty and annoyed. We just got on with it. Was it fun? Oh yes.


You can pay a lot of money to have ‘experts’ come along to your company or organisation and teach your staff all about teams and cooperation. Thousands of pounds.

Or you can do it on the cheap.

For this to work you need some quirky project such as the miraculous Talliston house, (http://www.talliston.com/) gardens, art installation, and dead nun repository. You invite a group of people that includes all of the following. Four published authors, two Pagans, a Wiccan, two guys who work in a department store, a youthful architect, a drama student, a layabout, and your mum and dad. There may be some overlap between the categories. I myself am an atheist layabout, for example.

At 10:00 o’clock on a Saturday morning, you say ‘Here’s what needs doing by 5:00 o’clock tomorrow afternoon.’ Then you  let everybody loose. You have to do some graft as well, or…

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